A native of central Alabama, artist Ashley Guest specializes in original and commissioned works in a variety of mediums ranging from charcoal, pencils, and pastels to acrylic and mixed media. Versatile and entirely self-taught, she finds inspiration in cultural photography and portraiture, the capricious, emotionally complex nature of color and patterns, and the challenge of helping clients see their visions for good art become vibrant, valuable realities. Her influences are both personal and varied, and extend from her Grandmother, Lenorah Gibbons to big-name artists like Frida Kahlo, Ralph Steadmen, and Ashish Hash. Her studio, Smooth and Mellow Art, is wherever she is but for now in the Hoover suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama, where she lives and works as a single Mother of two boys, Reed and Eagan. She has contributed work to several organizations and events, such as the School of Rock for Cornerstone Schools of Alabama. She is currently collaborating on multiple projects with local artists and photographers. Ashley founded and is lead Curator of the Free Art Birmingham, AL Chapter as the FART Fairy. It is a community organization participating in the Free Art Movement, better known as Free @rt Bham. When she isn’t arting, she enjoys the excitement of music shows, the simplicity of time with family and friends, and the joy of giving her time and resources to those who need them most. For available pieces,  commissions and pricing, Contact 



BIO Author: W. Calvin Ross

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