From Concept to movement, Free Art Friday (FAF) has become the Art Community’s gift to the Public. Multiple cities around the globe are participating. Artists of any skill level or medium create original pieces of art or really anything and leave it out, free for the public to claim and take home. Moving through most social media platforms and online populace, it’s gained traction under the hashtag #freeartfriday. Founder Ashley Guest says,  “I stumbled upon this concept while researching another project. Now I am currently preparing for the launch of the Birmingham Alabama chapter known as Free @rt Bham. Our unique hashtag #fartbham is meant to be eye catching and to provoke artists, as well as the public, to hop on the Free Art train and continue on the movement.”

Hashtag your posts + follow #fartbham #freeartbham  #freeartfriday #weartbham for clues + finds.

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