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From Concept to movement, Free Art Friday (FAF) has become the Art Community’s gift to the Public. Multiple cities around the globe are participating. Artists of any skill level or medium create original pieces of art or really anything and leave it out, free for the public to claim and take home. Moving through most social media platforms and online populace, it’s gained traction under the hashtag #freeartfriday. The Birmingham Alabama chapter known as Free @rt Bham, launched on Friday, July 13th, 2018. Founder, Ashley Chancellor elected 10 different artists in a wide range of mediums to submit their work for the “Hunt for Free Art.” The day was a success and there are so many exciting facets to Free Art Friday. We can’t wait to see what the future holds. Free Art Bham is striving to make their chapter a fun and community engaging activity every Friday of the month. Visit our other chapter @freeartpc for Beach FARTS until we have more updates here.

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Although Artists of any dexterity, medium or skill level are encouraged to create + leave free art out in participating cities on any Friday of the month, there is never pressure to join the movement. The FART Team will be helping artists who don’t have time or aren’t quite sure how Free Art Fridays work but want to participate. You never know what trail they will be on, so don’t wander off too far and be kind, spread the word so others can learn how to score free art.

FART Queen


Meet Evan Minas, The FART Queen. In January of 2019 she reached out to Free Art to offer her services. As a local to Birmingham her whole life, she was enthusiastic of the opportunity Free Art was bringing to the community. In the past year she has helped the Fart Fairy out with ; collecting artwork, hiding artwork, & finding local creatives to highlight. As the Co-curator of the FART Team, she plays a vital role in keeping both chapters magical for all.

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Happenins in the Ham with the FART Fairy

at the FART of Caring for Bham Fundraiser

HnH and the FART Fairy

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